The story of chef Giuseppe Raciti is very intense: at the age of 22 he was Chef de Partie of the Santin chef team (2 Michelin stars), 1 year later, he joined Massimo Mantarro team (2 Michelin stars) at Principe Cerami in Taormina. He masters with him, in many techniques, given his innate talent, and went abroad in order to broad his skills, experiences and knowledge in a more international level.
The great professionality and the obvious technical skills demonstrated in this role are rewarded in 2017 when he was awarded the title of '2016 Best New South Italy Chef Under 30'.
  • Le Chalet d'Adrien 5*****L gourmet restaurant (1 Michelin star), Verbier (CH)
  • Hotel Des Etrangers e Miramare, (Siracusa)
  • San Domenico Palace Hotel 5*****L // Ristorante Boulanville e Principe Cerami (2 Michelin stars) with the Executive Chef Massimo Mantarro, (Taormina)
  • Villa Principe Leopoldo 5*****L with the Chef Dario Ranza, Lugano (CH)
  • Kulm Hotel 5*****L with the Chef Sebastiano Finocchiaro, St.Moritz (CH)
  • Ristorante Antica Osteria del Ponte (2 Michelin stars) with the Chef Ezio Santin
  • Cassinetta di Lugagnano (Milano)
  • Palace Hotel 5*****L with the Chef Peter Wiss, Gstaad (CH)
  • International Cooking contest "Internazionali d'Italia di Massa Carrara" : silver medal
  • "Best Italy Chef 2015" :
    he was ranked in second position. His kumquat anchovy becomes the dish of the competition at the semi final of Naples, the 40 portions for race are not enough for all, journalists and critics claim in a fight to the last dish !
  • "Bocuse d’Or 2016": among the 12 finalists for the Italian chef selection, Giuseppe is the winner of the Europe Prize, established by the European Community for chefs who most distinguish themselves in respecting and valuing the raw material.
Explosion and implosion
Mild, apparently is actually fun and whimsical.
And his dishes tell who is Giuseppe, stimulating all senses !
Reserved but witty
Shy but lively
Visionary and traditional
Serious and cheerful
Inventive and technically prepared
Quiet but...the right word at the right time !
Says about himself
"I love being with people and listen: each one of us has something to communicate.
I like to learn and to confront myself with different cultures from mine."
You want to give him a present ? Easy...taste his couisine !
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