- Room check-in
- Sicilian breakfast
- Boardrooms/ area for events
- TV room
- Reading room
- Lounge bar
- Restaurant
- Relax area
- Garden
- Free Wi-Fi internet in the common areas
- Wi-Fi in the garden
- Nature trail
- Bikes available
- Wide parking space
- Animal-friendly area

In the room
- mini fridge
- safe
- 32” LCD TV
- cordless telephone
- Free Wi-Fi internet
- Heating and air-conditioning with humidity control in every room

Running, jumping, walking, strolling or simply stay inside the citrus grove. Accompanied by the sounds and smells of the Mediterranean nature will experience an authentic active and personal time outdoors. In addition to this, several bicycles are available for guests to ride in the countryside and exploring the surrounding area.

Services on demand
- transfer from/to the airport, port, railway station
- car and boat rental
- guided tour of the area
- laundry room
- baby sitting
- dog sitting
- facial and body treatments
- relaxing , invigorating and lymphatic drainage massages
- personal trainer
- personal shopper
- access to the beach provided (lido)

- sailingboat and motorboat trips
- wine and food tours
- guided excursions on Mount Etna
- organized itineraries on the trail of the history and culture of Sicily
- quad riding
- skiing on Mount Etna
- helicopter tours
- horseback riding