The presence of Mount Etna and the transparency of the sea are the two strong contrasts that join together all the micro territories of this splendid side of Sicily. Here “the land changes inch by inch”, as the local people would say: the nude “sciara” (what remains of the lava flow once it is cold) coexists with the intense and spontaneous cultivations, in the harsh and wild soil rural architectures come back to life together with great examples of cultural overlapping. The ancient myths and the various dominations of the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spanish define a territory which is surprisingly rich, a place to be discovered, where everything is synthesized and re-interpreted. There is everything for everyone: you can skii on snow and look at the sea, you can explore the new ways of Etna wines, you can get into the natural microcosms of Nebrodi and the Alcantara Gorges, you can discover the little villages alongside the vitality of Catania and Taormina, you can live folk traditions and in the meantime culture, gastronomy and relaxation are revealed.
The Zash team will be at your complete disposal in order to personalize and define wonderful experiences to explore the territory.