Land of conquests, good weather conditions and huge diversity of the territory. Sicily has allowed the peoples who have conquered it throughout the centuries to cultivate the plants coming from their countries, and often with great success.
This has made Sicily a garden full of cultural and natural diversity. The variability of the territory ensures that certain areas are strongly aimed at being cultivated, therefore it is common to wander around the Sicilian countryside, crossing areas of citrus trees for kilometres and suddenly they disappear to let room to centuries-old olive groves or terraced vineyards or yet to prickly pears. And that's how at Zash we synthesize a fragment of that long historical path that different dominations have defined: we can find citrus fruits whose cultivation derives from the Arabs who also taught us how to use specific irrigation systems; still today we can find fragments of old canals (saje) and water tanks built by the them. The Greek domination gave us olive trees and even the rural architectures to help the farming activities: the winery for the pressing of the grapes, the oil mill with big millstones for the milling of the olives. In this way Zash lives within these little rural worlds, it reveals bucholic images and makes you smell all the fragrance of its sparkling presence.
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