It is the place where the pigeage of the grapes used to take place to produce the “must” that was then put in huge tanks. In the surrondings of Moun Etna there are numerous examples of this.
The winepress consists of a heavy oak beam, a lock nut with a chestnut wooden screw and an endless screw made of rowan tree that screws in the lock nut thanks to the manpower of four people. The moviment of the screw allows the pressing of the pomace placed below the beam and carefully bound up with bandages made out of vegetable materials. The pressing would take place through a sequence of successive phases coordinated by the “Mastro di conzo” and carried out by a team of 4 or 5 people whose tasks were defined by a strict hierarchy and marked by the notes of an organetto, a laborious feast but full of emotions.
Today in this ancient winery the authentic memory that reveals the feeling of its rhythmn lives again, with the hard stone, the tanks, the pressing, to let our guests feel the pleasure of ancient times, enjoying it through the taste: as a matter of fact all cleaned out and restored it has now become the restaurant and lounge bar area.
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