Not far from the Zash boutique hotel & SPA it is possible to visit Catania, a multifaceted city with a warm and deep soul like Etna. Rich in monuments, splendid buildings, baroque architectures with a characteristic dark color, to be admired in succession while walking through the historic center, where streets and villages show signs of a past with a strong cultural value. Twice recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Catania is crossed by the long Via Etnea which is in fact the ideal place to enjoy the many nice places for shopping and to taste the traditional granita with brioche or the juices of authentic Sicilian oranges. A visit to Catania cannot be said to end unless you taste the typical dishes: rotisserie, arancini, crepes and rice zeppole, steaks and horse meatballs. Also to discover the devout and religious part of Catania by visiting the cathedral overlooking the Duomo, adjacent to the square where you can admire the famous elephant statue, the symbol of the city. Not to be missed if you are passionate about photography are the markets "Fera 'o Luni" and the "fish market", full of authentic glimpses from immortal in one click.