Adventure and nature

Cross the river between magmatic mass gorges and dominated by prismatic structures

Located a few kilometers from the Zash boutique hotel & SPA near Catania, the Alcantara Gorges represent one of the most fascinating and renowned parks in Sicily. Entering the spectacular and spooky Alcantara Gorges, also known as Larderia Gorges, it is possible to admire the perfection of the basaltic prisms that extend along a stretch of about 400 meters with walls up to 50 meters high, the result of the basaltic lava flows that cooling has created these characteristic shapes. To protect this natural paradise, the Alcantara Botanical and Geological Park was founded in the 1960s and continues in the Alcantara River Park. Furthermore, inside the park it is possible to follow the paths that run along the Gorges on the left bank of the Alcantara river, and perhaps go on venturing on river trekking and body rafting for the bravest. Over the years, several artists have launched themselves in an attempt to elevate, describe the image of an exclusive natural landscape, which in 2010 was honored by the European recognition of European Destination of Excellence.