A few kilometers from the Zash boutique hotel & SPA, the most representative mountain of Sicily stands: called by the Sicilians Mungibeddu oa 'Muntagna, to honor its majesty and recognize its uniqueness, Etna is the most active volcano of the old European continent, in addition to boast of the recognition in 2013 of World Heritage by Unesco. To date, its summit rises up to 3340 meters above sea level and represents one of the highest mountains in Italy. Etna offers a wide geological and landscape variety giving rise to the birth of the Etna Natural Park. A path to the heart of dense woods with endemic species, areas covered by volcanic rocks that characterize much of the mountain. The exclusive beauty of the peak of the volcano covered in snow during the winter, the panoramic sea view and the volcanic activities represent an experience not to be missed during a holiday on the eastern side of Sicily and in the area near Catania. Travelers who like to venture into nature trails can choose a half-day or full-day excursion, combining it with the unique experience of visiting the volcano with the discovery of local food and wine.