Thalasso treatment

Exfoliating body treatment with particularly pure salt, rich in mineral salts such as magnesium and calcium, also suitable for those with particularly sensitive skin. Thanks to its properties and the mechanical action of the massage with which the skin is processed, it purifies and stimulates microcirculation, improving the appearance of the skin. The peeling will prepare the skin to welcome the oil and the final balm with a tensor effect in a more receptive way.

> 75 minutes € 130,00

Performing energizing treatment

This treatment gives new energy, vitality and strength to the skin. Selected oils and essences, a gentle peeling and fluid treatment delicately silky sublimate the body during the massage. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the body meridians are stimulated, muscle tension is dissolved and the vital energy (Qi) reflows. Blood circulation improves and the skin acquires freshness and vitality. A sensual experience of pampering that activates unsuspected forces.

> 120 minutes € 180,00


Detox treatment

Peeling using Corsica salts with osmotic detoxifying effect, to soften the skin, making it purified and radiant. Following a refreshing massage with a nourishing oil in order to make your skin ready to be kissed by the sun.

>70 minutes € 130,00

Get ready for the sunshine

Peeling is carried out in the Himalayan salts osmotic detoxifying effect, to make the skin soft and purified skin, giving brightness. Followed by a detoxifying and refreshing massage with a nourishing oil in order to make your skin ready to be kissed by the sun.

>70 minutes €130,00



> from 45 minutes € 60,00

Pedicure SPA

Complete pedicure followed by a mechanical peeling that restores new vitality followed by a nourishing lotion to find a different sensitivity

> 60 minutes €75,00

Pedicure Zash

Results into perfectly treated feet: after the massage with a rich cream, feet are laid in a wonderfully soft foam. It comes the feeling of relaxation and feel like walking on clouds. Effective treatment substances penetrate deep and turn soft and smooth even rough skins. Feet are permanently pampered and perfectly looking.

> 75 minutes €90,00


> 30 minutes €35,00

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